Certificate Receivers

If you have received a certificate from your supplier, you can verify it in the S1SEVEN platformopen in new window or in the public verification serviceopen in new window.

Verify Certificates in the Application

S1SEVEN offers the verification of certificates for registered users in the platform. The user uploads the JSON document in the “Verify” section. If the document has been notarized on Blockchain the status “verified” including data about the signer and signing date are displayed.

If the document to be verified is a JSON certificate, it is rendered as HTML below to let the user have a quick glance at its contents.

S1SEVEN assumes that verification should be automated in most use cases which can be done via the API offered by S1SEVEN, referenced in the appendix.

Verify Certificates on the Public Verification Service

S1SEVEN offers a service to the public to verify a certificate received. By this, the holder of a certificate can verify its origin and integrity. The verification is done by uploading the JSON document to the Public Verification Serviceopen in new window.

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